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Label: Rotten Relics Records - Sakrileg 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue • Country: Austria • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal
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Miasma is a psycho-spiritual inherited distortion created by trauma, abuse, fear based belief systems and Soul Fragmentation which, over time, was genetically encoded in human DNAand resulted in various forms of dis-ease or imbalance.

These dis-ease patterns are energetic blockages in our body and are encoded and passed down in negative ego behaviors or flawed DNA code design from generation to generation.

When miasma patterns accumulate Baphomet - Miasma - Changes grow larger in the collective consciousness of humanity, they take on energetic form like an entity, and they can exist within energetic bodies that have some form of intelligence. Thus, miasma in energetic form, can be influenced or possessed by larger entity bodies, such as Fallen Angelics or NAA. The miasma pattern is interconnected to the vibrational theme of that particular entity, and when interaction with that vibration occurs, the miasma pattern can be passed on to the person through Baphomet - Miasma - Changes resonance.

Genetic alteration to the human DNA code creates inherited diseases and negative behaviors such as the Addiction matrix, which are aggressively promoted by the NAA influence on earth. Levels of the distorted behavioral patterns passed down, toxic exposures and Baphomet - Miasma - Changes DNA are recorded in the cells as the miasma pattern, which may result in a dissipation of the original form of the disease through each generation of offspring.

The manifested dis-ease energy and its physical body pattern sometimes skip generations and can show themselves in another form, but are still sourced from the original disease pattern inherited as the miasma from the ancestor.

The dissipated energetic Baphomet - Miasma - Changes is recorded in the cellular memories from the ancestry or Family of Origin at the source, including when the original disease pattern materialized. This record of miasma continues to manifest in the future generations in lesser ways or mutates into hybridized forms of accumulated new miasma that can create new disease patterns.

Pathologies do not all present or progress the same way in all people. The miasma pattern, trauma issues and unique soul blueprint are all intimately connected to form the state of the progression of the imbalanced pattern that produces miasma.

This is true whether it started in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. Inherited genetic disease patterning and energetic blockages in the bodies mostly formed by destructive Negative Ego behaviors promoted by the Archontic Deception Strategy of the NAA. When a collective race and planet is continually at war with itself, the spiritually abusive behaviors of murder, genocide, rape, hatred and related levels of moral decay and depravity create a tremendous amount of spiritual-energetic disease which is a black tarry energy as well as grid damage, Blue Red (Original Mix) - Various - Minimal Darkness, Vol.

5 (Club Shakers Minimal) impacts humans and the planet, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These dis-ease patterns were then encoded and passed down in Negative Ego behaviors or DNA code from generation to generation from the genetic alteration made from the NAA influence.

Levels of the passed down distorted or flawed DNA would result in a dissipation of the original form of the disease. The manifested diseased energy and its physical body pattern would sometimes skip generations. The dissipated energetic pattern cellular memories from Baphomet - Miasma - Changes Ancestry or Family of Origin of the original disease would then manifest Baphomet - Miasma - Changes future generations A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story lesser or hybridized forms.

In the beginning Ascension Stages in the clearing pathway as an spiritual initiate at the Soul Accretion Level, you will start to notice that you are connected ancestrally through your biological family lines to genetic miasma that sources directly from the histories of your Family of Origin.

As you become more conscious you will experience and become aware of its direct influence upon your person. It impacts everything in your life, what manifests in your reality, until you become aware of it and choose to clear and transcend its influences. When one awakens, one will then need to decide what you want to energetically wear, as everything you inherited in your family and the collective human race does not have to become a part of your self-defined identity. As you observe and take responsibility for what you are inhabiting this is your fleshly body and being accountable to the current station of your life circumstances, one can participate with healing your genetic and miasmatic relationships that reside as energetic memory in your flesh.

In most cases if you pay attention to the various patterns attitudes, ideals, emotional intelligence in your current Bio-Family dynamic, you will know Baphomet - Miasma - Changes archetypal patterns extend to other lifetimes as well as hold relevant information and clues to what you agreed to heal types of collective human miasma while you incarnated on planet earth Stagger Lee - Grateful Dead* - Shakedown Street the Ascension Cycle.

Negative Form or shadow bodies is a form of karma or Miasma that is extracted as a splinter from our simultaneous incarnation where we had a trauma or event that could be used to manipulate the present time.

These dead spaces cannot transmit or exchange with living intelligent energy fields and ultimately that harms earth inhabitants by creating digressive mutations. Miasma can also be manipulated and it is manipulated in a variety of ways, continually, by the Negatives to serve their NAA agenda. When accumulated miasma patterns are inherited from both patriarchal and matriarchal lines, it can also create new mutations of diseases in the offspring.

We may notice in current times, with massive amounts of accumulated miasma remaining uncleared in the planet, that many new mutations and diseases are manifesting that the medical system cannot diagnose, or comprehend the source of.

Miasma can also be manipulated through technology and it is manipulated in a variety of ways, continually, Baphomet - Miasma - Changes the Negatives to serve their agenda. If not corrected through observation and clearing, the dead waste product creates disease, sickness and deterioration of the DNA and its frequency tone keys.

If Planetary Miasma is not cleared and repaired, it infects the brain and nervous system of the Planetary Grid Network the grid systemall of the planetary kingdoms DNA, as well as infecting human beings DNA.

For these reasons and many more, this planet received several quarantines to limit the waste product from infecting the outer rims of nearby dimensions and other planetary worlds, through their potential resonating dimensional key tones. As we undergo this shift into higher density, these quarantines are being lifted. We are accessing higher densities, and this requires a threshold of clearing to our personal inherited miasma, in order to pass through these quarantine fields. We can do this by holding the highest vibration in our body, mind and spirit, and keeping focused on Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy.

Additionally, during this time it is helpful to become aware of the oldest, largest and most prevalent source of miasma pattern generated on the earth, the Psora Miasm. Psora Miasm is connected to the timeline of the fall of humankind which further resulted in the genetic block that manifested the Curse of Yahweh.

The Curse of Yahweh is humanities Fallen Angelic curse of the seal and the energetic result which greatly increased satanic forces in the earth. This genetic block forced the Soul to reincarnate over and over again on the 3D earth plane while experiencing a biological form that ages, is susceptible to diseases and dies.

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  1. Apr 12,  · The Truth About Baphomet, and The Myth Of Satan. On his left hand you will find the word coagula, which comes from coagulate which means “to change from fluid into a thickness mass.” The female breasts represents the life-giving essence given to us by the female. His male and female aspects show that he is both male and female and.
  2. Changes/Love Songs, an album by Miasma on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  3. LOL! YIKES! I am really just blown away by these psychos, this is so over the top and semi retarded that its no wonder they dwell in obscurity, vokills are top notch .
  4. Tracks taken from "Love Songs" EP ().. Recording information: Tracks recorded at U.L.L.I. Studios, Vienna, October ' Tracks 9 and 10 recorded and mixed at Vienna Power Station.
  5. Miasma - Changes / Love Songs () Napalm Records reissue with album () + EP () Tracklist 1 Baphomet 2 Ancient Rhymes 3 Melding Of Imagining Existence 4 Schizophrenia? 5 Drowning In Blood 6 The Prayer 7 Morbid Knocking 8 Stillbirth EP "Love Songs" 9 .
  6. Sep 07,  · Baphomet Fields in the Earth. On the earth, the Baphomet current is an astral energy and lunar force grid that operates as an anti-Christos reversal current network that is used to invert lower astral forces and collective sexual creative energies.
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Changes on Discogs/5(19).
  8. Miasma is a band that really stopped at this album or atleast hit their high mark with this record. There was an EP and a demo after but it was the signal of the band winding down. It would not be until more than a decade later when most of the band reformed under the name of Destination Void which had the same moving parts just less successful.
  9. 1st press comes on silver disc with black lettering. Disc contains the original Lethal Records logo. The pages in the booklet are white with black lettering and again contain the old Lethal Records logo on the final page. 2nd press comes on black disc with silver design and yellow lettering.

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