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Label: Wolfs Hook Records - none • Format: CDr Limited Edition • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
Download Ancient Fascists Return - Völkermord  - Rehearsal -08

Second demo, 28 minutes of creepy unusual slow ambient black metal. Xerox cover, Skull Productions. Glossy cover, AMF Productions. Cold and atmospheric black metal with synths in the old vein of this style. Glossy cover, Blacksmith Prod. Glossy cover on hard paper, Dunkelheit.

Melancholic, depressive and slow black metal. Xerox cover, Maltkross. The new demo, 4 long tracks of stark and desperate epic pagan raw black metal with fine melodies. Xerox cover, Legion Blotan Records. Third full-lenght demo, 33 minutes of cold and raw mid-paced epic pagan black metal.

Glossy cover, Winter Solace. Mid tempo epic raw black metal inspirated by Tolkein. Xerox cover printed on both sides, Legion Blotan Records. Debut demo, harsh Nowegian raw black metal with unique edge. Their second demo. Great obscure raw black metal. Pro cover. Occult Helenic black metal.

Glossy cover, Night Birds. Cold, atmospheric and melancholic black metal. Comes on pro tape with glossy cover, Thor's Hammer Productions. Obscure and agressive Russian grim black metalre-release of the full-length, Terror Cult Productions.

Intense, emotional, hauting and hypnotic depressive heathen black metal. The first demo, raw black metal with negative melody and melancholy. Glossy cover on hard paper, Insikt. Tape version of their second album, cruel aggressive raw black metal. Coloured glossy cover, Egg of Nihilism. Raw and cruel old school black metal from Venezuela, 9 tracks taken on their 3 first demos. Glossy cover. Second tape version of the ' second album, cult hateful Polish black metal.

Second tape version of Ancient Fascists Return - Völkermord - Rehearsal -08 ' debut album, cult hateful Polish black metal.

Tape version of their last album fromstrong and proud w. Black metal. Tape version of their frist full-length from with different cover. Pagan war black metal with folk and acoustic elements. Coloured glossy cover, Winter Solace. First album on tape, atmospheric pagan black metal with synths. Pro tape with stickers and pro cover, Neverheard Distro. New versions of 10 old songs. More than 1 hour of pure Slavonic war pagan black metal. Glossy cover, Hammer Of Damnation. Pure Slavonic pagan war black metal.

Comes on Pro tape with coloured glossy cover, Eastside. Aggressive yet melodic occult and atmospheric serpentine black metal. Cold, dark and misanthropic unholy black metal.

Pro cover, Dunkelheit Produktionen. Bestial and merciless evil thrash death metal. Included a Mortem cover. Coloured glossy cover, Autoproduction. Tape version with different artwork, true aggressive SouthAmerican thrash metal.

Raw pagan black metal sing in French, second press of this full-length demo from with a different artwork. Pro cover, Ancestrale Production. Debut demo, fast, cold and majestic raw black metal.

Tape version of the debut album, deep and melancholic depressive black metal. Pro cover, Metal Throne Productions. Xerox cover, Wolfsvuur Records. First demo, slow tempo raw black metal with a Perverse Monastyr member. Xerox cover. Second demo, always chaotic and antimelodic black metal with morbid atmosphere.

Chaotic and antimelodic black metal. Tape version of the Ancient Fascists Return - Völkermord - Rehearsal -08 with different artwork, a compilation of old and rare tracks, insane and radikal ns black metal. Glossy cover, Atomik Nuclear Desolation. Tape release only, a compilation of 60 minutes with rare and live tracks, radikal ug ns raw black metal.

Glossy cover, War Kommand Production. Glossy cover, A. Raging and wicked black metal a promising new band in the old Swedish way. Comes on pro tape and glossy cover, War Hot Right Now (Camo & Krooked Remix) - DJ Fresh* - Nextlevelism Productions. Xerox cover, Winter Solace. Re-release of the ' ultra limited demo, raw and mysterious atmospheric black metal with ambient and folk parts.

Re-release of the tape full-length from limited to only 14 copies! Esoteric and radikal ambient black metala compilation of 12 tracks taken from previous demo, more than 75 minutes.

Raw, hateful, gloomy and melancholic black Ancient Fascists Return - Völkermord - Rehearsal -08. Glossy cover, Drakkar Productions. Glossy cover, SDI Produktionen. Glossy cover, Winter Solace Productions. Avant garde and experimental electronic noise ambient music. Coloured glossy cover, Winter Solace Productions. Patriotic American avant garde electronic noise. Tape with old and unreleased tracks. Pro tape and pro cover, Red Light Sound. Xerox cover, Winter Solace Productions. Green xerox cover, Winter Solace Productions.

True underground misanthropic black metal. Pro cover, Mistress Dance. The and demos on 1 tape, true underground black metal with northern influences. Let It All Flow - Various - Contortions Hammer.

Glossy cover, Titan Woods. Tape version of the ' CD. Pro cover, Northern Lights Productions. Glossy cover, Frostscald. Glossy cover, Frostscald Records. Full-length tape, obscure, insane and brutal black metal from South Africa. Pro cover on golden paper, Infernal Kommando Records. First demo of Ancient Fascists Return - Völkermord - Rehearsal -08 Finnish raw heathen black metal band in the pure northern tradition. Black The Time Machine - Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica 1: The Time Machine compilation tape, each band comes with 2 tracks.

Xerox cover, Terror Cult Productions. Unholy raw bestial black metal genocide. Glossy cover, Total Holocaust Records.


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  2. (Both split with Dark Fury / War and Gammadion on 1 tape, hatecore RAC metal from Poland, Coloured glossy cover, Ancient Order Productions)-WHITE MEDAL (UK) ''Heathen Ridings Return'' (Demo13) Limited 2,5 (Tape version of the ' 7''EP. Harsh and raw heathen black metal. Xerox cover, Legion Blotan Records).
  3. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Völkermord - Ancient Fascists Return at Discogs. Complete your Völkermord collection.4/4(2).
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