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There are plenty of decorations to buy and parties to attend during this season The question is important because of the significance of the day and because so many obviously do not know how to celebrate it.

I know, of course, that Jesus was probably not born on December 25 — at least there is no real evidence that He was. Nevertheless, this is the day that most people, Christians and non-Christians alike, observe as His birthday, and if we are to mark it at all, this seems to be the only realistic time to do it.

But how? That is the question. What is the genuinely Christian way to observe Christ's nativity? Quite obviously, the fact that the world often celebrates the day in non-Christian ways is no excuse for Christians to either neglect or misuse it.

How do you celebrate Christmas? If we are honest, we must admit that many persons, even Christians, celebrate it most by buying presents, decorating their houses, visiting relatives and friends, or watching football games on television.

Others celebrate Call On Jesus - Linda Cummings Vincent - Glorify His Name by getting drunk, some beginning at the Call On Jesus - Linda Cummings Vincent - Glorify His Name party on the last working day before Christmas and not sobering up until sometime after the twenty-fifth or even after New Year's.

This, of course, is monstrous. These celebrations are inadequate to say the least. But how should a Christian celebrate Christmas? Before we turn to the book of Luke, I want to Call On Jesus - Linda Cummings Vincent - Glorify His Name first that by far the best and greatest way to celebrate Christmas is by becoming a Christian if you have never done so. In other words, the best way to celebrate Christmas is by becoming a follower of Him whose birth we commemorate.

This is why Jesus came. The Bible tells us that the birth of Jesus was unlike Call On Jesus - Linda Cummings Vincent - Glorify His Name other births in that Jesus existed before birth as the second person of the Godhead and He became man, not to provide us with a sweet story to tell children each winter or even as a theme for our greatest musical compositions, but in order to grow to maturity and then to die for our sin as a means of our salvation.

Jesus was born to be our Savior as the carol says:. Three sentences! So, the best way to celebrate Christmas is to believe on Jesus as your Savior. If you have never done that, then this is Wicked Droid - Various - Mindloopers great season in which to believe on Him.

Come to Him! Come to Him now! But now, assuming that you have believed on Him and that you are a Christian, what can you add to this in order to properly celebrate Christmas? At this point our Bible text comes in, for it is a report of how those who witnessed the first Christmas observed it. The passage begins by speaking of the shepherds. In the first place, we are told that the shepherds, after they had come to Bethlehem and had seen the infant Jesus, "spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child The reasons why they became witnesses are that there was an event, a great event, and that others very much needed to hear of it.

Can Call On Jesus - Linda Cummings Vincent - Glorify His Name doubt that the shepherds had something worth telling? For if their story was not worth telling, then no story that has ever been told is worth telling and life has no joy or meaning. What had happened to these men? Well, they had been out in the fields of Bethlehem in the middle of the night, watching over their sheep as they had for many hundreds of When The Sun Comes Out - Helen Merrill - The Nearness Of You previously and as their fathers undoubtedly had before them.

They had no thought about spiritual things — at least we are not told that they did — and they certainly didn't expect the miracle. But then, suddenly, an angel appeared with the message:. When the angels had departed, the shepherds decided to go to Bethlehem. So they left their flocks and came and found Jesus, precisely as the angels had indicated. In other words, what they had been told coincided with their own Call On Jesus - Linda Cummings Vincent - Glorify His Nameand they could not resist speaking of such things.

These men, poor shepherds though they were, had seen God incarnate. They had heard the music of heaven. They had seen the angels and had come to worship the angels' King. How could their tongues be silent when they had heard such music? How could they refuse to tell what they had seen? Not only did these men have something to tell, as we do, they also knew of a world that needed desperately to hear their message. It was a sad world in their time. It was lost, confused, dying. It was lost because it lacked direction, primarily spiritual direction.

It was confused because it lacked revelation and, therefore, also an awareness of truth. It was dying because it had no adequate cause for which to live. The world of the shepherds' day was much like our world today, in which the lamps of knowledge and culture seem to be slowly flickering out. But over against this dying world was Jesus. Who was He really? Well, later in His life He would speak of Himself in terms that spoke to precisely the world's condition.

He would say that He was the way — for a world that was lost. He would say that He was the truth — for a world that was dreadfully confused. He would say that He was the life — for a world that was dying. The Way! The Truth!

The Life! The shepherds took this message, in the only form they knew, to their contemporaries. This is the perfect combination — a knowledge of the Good News and men who need to hear it.

This combination, when truly grasped, produces witnesses. Would anyone want to say that these men were not authorized to spread such a message? Will anyone argue that they were uneducated? Or that they had not been endorsed by the temple authorities? If anyone would argue in this way, he should notice that the shepherds had the most important authorization of all — possession of good news which had been revealed to them by God. Anybody who knows good news is authorized to tell it, particularly when it is news that will be the means of salvation of others.

The Scriptures say, "And let him who hears say, Come! In other words, the only ultimate essential for proclaiming the gospel is a knowledge of it. So everyone who knows of Christ and has become a Christian can tell others of Him. Here then is the first lesson Luke teaches us on celebrating Christmas. Imitate the shepherds in spreading the word concerning what you know about the Christ child.

We also can celebrate Christmas by being amazed at it — "And all who heard it were amazed There are two kinds of amazement. There is one kind of amazement which is merely a tickling of the fancy.

It is the kind of Track 09 - Hands To - Rough Music: The Hands To Library (DVD) we associate with special effects in a movie or with an Olympic gold medal winner.

It is a temporary fascination with something unusual. After this type of amazement has run its course nobody gives the cause of it a second thought.

The other kind of amazement is a holy wonder in response to those acts of God which are beyond human comprehension. This holy amazement is closely melded to adoration. In one sense all the acts of God are legitimate grounds for such amazement. If we turn back to the earliest chapters of Genesis, we discover a description of the globe before God fashioned it into the kind of world we know now; and we are told that "the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

Then out of the darkness we hear God speaking to call forth life and order. We turn from that picture to the final pages of the Bible, and in those pages we find the Lord Jesus Christ high and lifted up, and all of creation is paying homage to Him.

This is a cause for amazement. From beginning to end, God's dealings with our race are cause for amazement. But of all these things, the incarnation of the Son of God is the most amazing. That is the Christmas story — God became man! The Infinite clothed in human flesh!

How can this be? We cannot understand it — but it is true, and we should marvel at it. Allow it to stretch your mind, and learn that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in any human philosophy. Crashaw wrote of this wonder:. This is why the wonder of children seems so appropriate at Christmastime.

They aren't all thinking of God or Jesus as they stand spellbound at the presents and tree on Christmas morning. But their amazement is fitting to Christmas — it's a sample of what Christmas amazement should be for those who understand the Christmas story. Let's have a Christmas gift exchange this year. Our gift to our children will be teaching them Who Jesus is and what Christmas is all about. I Just Found Out - Freddie Hughes And The Chevelles - I Just Found Out must learn to love Him and to serve Him more and more.


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