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If the Vikings are dumb enough to bring back Wallace I'd be shocked! Well not that shocked. From week 6 to week 12, he was the Vikings worst wr. It would certainly be difficult to justify bringing back Wallace next year, especially with his salary issues. At the same time, I'm not sure why he was given such a long leash this year.

Very little about this situation makes sense to me. Because he's a veteran in the locker room, He's probaly one of the teams leaders and it would've been a bad move to bench him from a coaching standpoint Even I think that's sketchy given wallace's past attitude issues Whoever kept him riding the field instead of benching him Whether it's Zimmer or old Norv screwed up.

Wallace was overpaid, inefficent and stole playing time from potential recievers. If ST 37 - The Secret Society is one thing your blog has taught me, it's making sure that younger players get the playing time they deserve or earn or show enough promise for Whatever the reason was for wallace to keep getting playing time, It's not a good one. Love the blog sidney keep it alive.

Thursday, January 28, Charles Johnson Vs. The World. InDr. Recently, an Australian teenager plotted to set loose a kangaroo strapped with plastic explosivesas part of ISIS plot to cause mayhem Awesome?

Well, we have mixed feelings. Finally, at some point Chuck Johnson - Elephant Fair / Tryin Hard To Forget the late s For some reason I can't recall the exact dateI made a bong out of Legos. I guess what I am trying to suggest here is that people sometimes find peculiar ways to utilize the resources they have at their disposal. In a similar manner, we often have to wonder about the way that NFL teams choose to make use of the talent on their rosters.

While I could rant for Chuck Johnson - Elephant Fair / Tryin Hard To Forget about offensive linemen, and my continued faith in the neglected and potentially misunderstood Eric Kushthat probably isn't a subject that interests many people. Instead, we will focus today on the wide receiver position, which has a bit more flash to it.

Despite our attempts to try to quantify a player's abilities, and predict NFL success, we always struggle with the fact that we can't guarantee that someone will get an opportunity. The statistics that are available from his brief appearances encourage us to believe that he was a superior player to his former Tennessee teammates Cordarelle Patterson and Justin Hunter, whom we had very little faith in.

Unfortunately, NFL coaches seemed to feel that Da'Rick was a bit of You Cant Do That - The Beatles - A Hard Days Night asshole, a consideration our calculations don't really account for.

Skill doesn't trump a winning personality, evidently. We also still believe that the Jets should have taken Ryan Spadola who? While betting on an undrafted white wide receiver from Lehigh might seem a bit foolish, Spadola's pre-season statistics in were quite encouraging.

At this point, however, he may never escape the depths of a practice squad. C'est la vie. These are things that will always be beyond our control.

Still, we wanted to take another look at Chuck Johnson - Elephant Fair / Tryin Hard To Forget of our other long-shot receivers, who is still dancing on the edge of semi-relevance. So, we thought we would turn our gaze back to the frustrating subject of Vikings' wide receiver Charles Johnson. Charles Johnson Vs. After all, he was one our preferred wide receiver prospects in the NFL Draft. While he has his strengths and weaknesses, we thought at the time that his chances of success were reasonably good.

It's true, Что Не Может Сделать Атом · What Atom Cant Do - Алла Пугачева - Поднимись Над Суетой salary may have eventually ballooned beyond what we feel is reasonable, but that isn't really what we are here to discuss. Instead, we are mainly interested in the complicated situation that arose when the Vikings traded for him, prior to the season.

This worried us because of the way in which his arrival seemed poised to interfere with the possible continuing emergence of our other weird prospect Charles Johnson, who was starting to show some signs of life in The reason for this concern, was that both players have mostly appeared to thrive in the role of an intermediate-to-deep range receiver. Wallace wasn't likely to interfere with the short range role of someone like Jarius Wright.

That's simply not a role where Wallace's strengths appear to lie. Instead, he was most likely to cut into the playing time for Johnson, which would sort of put a crimp in our deranged plans. What's frustrating about this, is the question of whether Wallace was really a desirable enough acquisition, at this point in his career, to deserve bumping Johnson out of the way. How much of Wallace's desirability hinged on his past successes, and reputation for being a deep threat?

How much of this reputation was still justifiable? Labels: Charles Johnson. Sidney Mussburger January 30, at PM. Xmadraven February 4, at PM. Sidney Mussburger February 9, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


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