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Label: Not On Label - PB9922-2,Not On Label - 870.514 • Series: Dance Mission - Volume 14 • Format: CD Compilation, Unofficial Release • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop • Style: Trance, Euro House, Pop Rap, Downtempo, RnB/Swing, House
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In the Room of Prayer at the GuildOuranos sensed and mentioned that "it" had begun to act, looking down at the floor below him, prompting Fels to ask through an occulus if it was the Juggernaut. The God confirmed it, stating that it was heading lower and lower at incredible speed, and added that the Monster Rex had appeared in the City of Water.

When asked what he was going to do, Ouranos stated that he'd send reinforcements, vowing to try every possible means even if it ended up being wasted effort. At the Hostess of FertilityRyuu 's cup dropped to the floor, a piece cutting Syr 's finger in the process. Seeing this, Syr left the pub through the back door, and AnyaChloe Rolloand Lunoire Faust complained that the gloomy mood was Ryuu's fault.

Moments later, Hestia arrived, asking if they were best friends with the Elf, then asking if they were strong. Wondering what she was talking about, they asked her to explain herself, causing the Goddess to hand them the letter she'd received from Lili. At the Hestia Familia home forge, Tsubaki noticed that a crack had appeared in the hammer she was using, wondering if she'd heated it up too much and whether she'd take the blame for it.

Nevertheless, after muttering about it for a short while, she wondered if it was a sign of something bad happening. At that moment, Miach and Naaza arrived, asking her if she'd listen to their request. At the 25th Floor, Cassandra reflected on her prophesying power, noting Johnny B.

Goode - Jimi Hendrix - Live no one had believed her until now, and even though she tried to fight against it, the world seemed to laugh at her by creating even more despair. Upon seeing the adventurers, the Amphisbaena roared, its left head breathing blue flames at them which created steam as it passed over the water.

Aisha quickly order everyone to scatter; Welf grabbed Lili by her backpack, Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 grabbed Haruhimeand Mikoto and Chigusa moved away as fast as they could.

However, Cassandra failed to dodge in time, and was too far away for Daphne to save her in time, though fortunately Ouka protected her with his shield. As he pushed Cassandra away from him, he deflected the flames elsewhere, but the flames began to melt it, forcing him to abandon it. The group Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 surprised to see that the blue flames were still burning on the water, as it was water resistant and would completely incinerate whatever it hit until nothing was left.

While she contemplated on what to do, Aisha noticed that the other adventurers had run to the 24th Floor, cursing them but not blaming them, and wondered why the Amphisbaena had appeared so early.

She thought about having everyone retreat into the 26th Floor's labyrinth area, but there was also the danger of the Monster Rex using the waterways to appear there, and they wouldn't survive if they were ambushed in a corridor.

As she thought about it, she noticed something rain down on them, and the group realized that shards of crystal were raining down from the ceiling. The dungeon seemed to respond to the Amphisbaena's roaring, the rain becoming harsher, and finally the giant root at the ceiling came falling down, causing Cassandra mention that it was the "cage of despair" part of her prophecy. The root came crashing down on them, creating a dome like area where they were forced to face the Monster Rex in addition to blocking off all exits.

Having no other choice, Aisha told the others to fight, though she knew it was impossible due to the others despairing over their situation. She almost mentioned that she wished Bell was there, becoming angry and embarrassed at herself for entertaining the thought, but noted that they no longer had a "pillar" like Bell to support them. Nonetheless, despite lacking a "pillar", they had a "flame", and at that moment Welf composed himself and rallied the others.

The others responded to his words and regained their will to fight, prompting Daphne In The Sun - Various - Diana (Princess Of Wales) Tribute mention that they were too simple minded, nevertheless she also resolved herself to fight. To begin, Haruhime Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 chanting Kokonoewith Welf using his ice magic sword to freeze the water around the Amphisbaena.

Surprised at first, the Monster Rex responded by using its blue flame to melt the ice, creating smaller islands which Aisha used in conjunction with her Hell Kaios to distract it while Haruhime finished her chant. Será - Legião Urbana - Mais Do Mesmo protect itself, the right head breathed crimson mist around itself which diffused the magic as it passed through, lowering Hell Kaios' power to the point where it dealt no damage when it finally reached the Monster Rex.

She kept her last tail by her in case of emergency, as using all 5 at once would cause a mind down, and drank a magic potion to recover. To finish with the buffs, Daphne used Raumure Шоу-Бизнес - Валерий Меладзе - Всё Так И Было herself to slightly raise her Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 and largely raise her agility.

Welf, Mikoto, and Ouka attempted to attack, though they were quickly repelled by the Monster Rex Intensive Spot - Bocca Grande - Intensive Spot EP both of its heads. The right head tried to take out Mikoto, causing Daphne to save her, and upon attacking again, Ouka managed to get a hit in but the Amphisbaena's scales blocked his attack.

In addition to diffusing magic, the mist acted as a curtain to make it harder to get the timing right, not to mention the water currents made it even harder. To top it off, the Amphisbaena dived and tried to attack them from below, and that combined with its blue flames raising the temperature made it an extremely dangerous opponent. At the shore, Lili was confused about what she should do, overwhelmed by all of the information she had to take into account.

Seeing this, Daphne told her that it was about "how you move the situation" rather than thinking "what you needed to do" before heading to help the others. Making up her mind, Lili Atlantic Starr - Love Crazy Mikoto to fall back to replace Daphne's position and use Futsunomitama. The Amphisbaena tried to stop the concurrent chanting Mikoto, though the others prevented it from doing so, causing it to dive.

As per Lili's orders, Mikoto used Futsunomitama over a wide area, succeeding in dropping the roof of the root dome on top of the Monster Rex. The blunt force stunned the Amphisbaena, allowing the others to attack it, dealing considerable damage to it, and upon recovering it summoned Aqua Serpents and Harpies to assist it. Lili ordered Aisha and Daphne to distract it while the others dealt with the monsters, with Haruhime using her remaining tail on Chigusa and starting another Kokonoe chant.

As she watched the others fight, Cassandra compared them to herself, noting that they were strong being able to stand up to despair while she couldn't. She was lost in thought until Daphne punched her head, telling her to get back to her job of healing them, to which Cassandra asked how they were able to fight against despair. Daphne pointed out that they were all scared but still chose to fight anyway, rallying Cassandra's spirits in the process.

Coming back to her senses, she cast Soullight on everyone, healing them of their wounds, and vowed to fight with them. On the 18th Floora runner that had the information relayed to him informed DormulLuvisand the others of the situation down on the 25th Floor, including the fact that the Amphisbaena had appeared despite its interval and the labyrinth area of the Great Fall collapsing. While Dormul and Break-Up - Charlie Rich - Lonely Weekends argued about who should stay behind, Tsubaki interrupted them, having heard them mention the Hestia Familia, with Anya, Chloe, and Lunoire standing behind her.

The two quickly explained what they knew, telling them that they knew nothing about where Ryuu was when asked. Satisfied, Tsubaki informed them that her party would go, leaving the confused Magni and Modi Familia adventurers behind.

While running, the four discussed the information, and while it was different than what they previously heard, they still agreed to head down to investigate. Back on the 25th Floor, Welf used his ice magic sword again to refreeze the water, though as expected that attack didn't do any damage to the Monster Rex itself, nevertheless he succeeded in freezing a portion of the monster Квартет - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для V Класса Средней Школы to it having to focus the mist in front of itself to stand up to the Crozzo magic sword's power.

The Hestia Familia continued to manage against the Amphisbaena, nonetheless they got a little ahead of themselves, allowing the monster to climb up the waterfall and jump back down at them. The Amphisbaena landed in the middle of the water, creating large waves that swept the vanguard into the water and slammed Lili, Exultantes Te Adoramos (Tema Da 9ª Sinfonia) - Família Lima* - Pérolas, and Cassandra against the wall.

Due to having been targeted, Mikoto sustained a bleeding head injury, her consciousness beginning to dim, and there was nothing she could do as a group of three Raider Fish bit her left arm, right foot, and shoulder. Nearby, Welf, Aisha, Daphne, Ouka, and Chigusa managed to get above water, and at the shore, Cassandra was down due to protecting Lili and Haruhime from a chunk of ice with her body. As soon as the Amphisbaena resurfaced, it began spamming its blue fire at its surroundings, setting the root dome on fire and forcing the adventurers to dodge its attacks.

One blast almost hit Lili and Cassandra but Haruhime pushed them away, getting caught by the blast in the process. Seeing their precious companions taken down, Ouka and Aisha felt anger toward the Monster Rex, refusing to stop fighting, which allowed them to hear the two chanting.

At that moment, Ouka began running, shouting to Welf at the same time to Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 his magic sword. The Amphisbaena immediately turned its attention to the magic sword attack, using its mist as a shield to weaken its effects again, allowing Mikoto to take advantage of the lack of mist to Jaakko & Jay - War Is Noise Futsunomitama on it. As the Amphisbaena was right above her, the Futsunomitama also affected her, breaking her bones and twisting her organs.

Despite this, she continued to sustain her magic, which Ouka took advantage of to increase the effectiveness of his attack and decapitate the Monster Rex's right head just as the magic ended. At the same time, Haruhime, who was protecting Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 from the fire with her Goliath Robe, finished chanting Kokonoe and used it on Aisha, who Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 to at the Amphisbaena.

She cut open its neck, making the blue fire leak onto itself and set it on fire, finishing it off with Hell Kaios at point blank range. Once the battle was finished, the Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 recovered Haruhime and Mikoto and began to heal wounds with their available resources. Before they could celebrate, the floor began to collapse due to the amount of damage it took during the battle.

Hearing a sound above them, they saw Tark and three others trapped above, the latter cursing Jura that this wasn't what they expected.

Tark and his companions began trying to escape by jumping down onto the remaining part of the root dome and climbing up the west cliff, showing the Hestia Familia alliance a way out, though the latter got into an argument over whether they should look for Bell or escape.

Daphne noticed that Cassandra was thinking out loud about her prophecy, staring at the girl who was talking to herself. Realizing what her prophecy meant, Cassandra told the others to head east instead down to the 26th Floor, only to be rebuked by Daphne who'd had enough of her prophecies. To Daphne's surprise, Cassandra refused to back down, successfully managing to convince her, though Daphne stated that she believed in Cassandra rather than the girl's dreams. The group chose correctly as Tark and his companions were caught up in the collapse and were crushed.

After realizing how close they were to dying, the group made their way to the 26th Floor while fending off the monsters that tried to attack them. Sometime later, Tsubaki's party arrived at the 25th Floor, shocked at the ruined area down below. After discussing what could've possibly happened, the party began making their way down the cliff. On the 26th Floor, the Hestia Familia alliance was busy fighting off the large number of monsters attacking them. Unbeknownst to them, the monsters had feasted on the remains of the adventurers on the 27th Floor and were hungering for more, setting their sights on the only living people left in the area.

Welf struggled against a Kelpie, his Level 2 stats not enough to fight it head on, and its attack sent him flying into a wall. As he was about to get up, he noticed some ore fall out of the wall, realizing it was adamantite, and took it with Are They - Roger Eno & Peter Hammill - The Appointed Hour as the group moved on it.

The group then encountered Borswho told them what had happened on the floor below, however as he didn't know that Bell and Ryuu had survived, he told them that he believed them to be dead. The group was affected by the news, nevertheless they were forced to run to avoid more monsters, and they soon ended up in an intersection with monsters coming in from four directions.

Fortunately, they managed to escape by distracting the monsters with the smell and smoke of their Morbul, but once again they were put in a difficult situation, this time ending up in a dead end room.

Aisha ordered Bors to tell them everything that happened, prompting Bors to repeat what he said earlier, but added that he saw Ryuu using healing magic on Bell, raising the group's spirits. As the group decided on what to do, Welf recalled what Hephaestus had said to him about smithing, and decided to smith a new magic sword right then and there in the room. The others were surprised at his decision, with Lili protesting it, nonetheless he pointed out that their Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 way out was a magic sword, adding that he had everything he needed.

The others agreed and he began smithing while they protected him. Unfortunately, his lack of experience dealing with adamantite proved to make it hard for him, in addition to unnecessary thoughts filling his mind.

Thankfully, he remembered that he'd been taught as a child to "listen to the hammer's voice", and told it that he wanted to help his friends. He began being able to smith it properly, and decided he'd surpass ordinary magic swords, vowing that he'd surpass both Hephaestus and Bell.

A short while later, the monsters succeeded in making their way into the room from the hallway, forcing the group to form a circle. Ouka ended up getting hit and was about to be attacked by several Mermen when Welf saved him with the newly finished magic sword. Requesting that Cassandra hold the hilt with him, he stabbed the sword into the ground, its flames moving through the ground and erupting as soon as it reached the monsters, essentially bypassing his companions.

Cassandra realized Dont Leave - Various - Dance Mission Volume 14 the 16th line of the prophecy referred to Welf creating the magic sword. At the same time, she figured out that the reason Welf didn't have a specific death in the prophecy was because he'd still be alive and she'd help him, though due to her changing the future he still had all of his limbs.

On the same floor, Tsubaki sensed Welf's achievement, but decided to focus on fighting the monsters attacking them instead of trying to explain it. As Chloe and Lunoire weren't adventurers, they asked the other two if this was what the dungeon was usually like, prompting the latter to tell the former that this was an irregular. Unbeknownst to them, their presence had split the monster horde in two, lessening the load the Hestia Familia group had to deal with, and unbeknownst to them said group had gone down to the 27th Floor.

Soon after, the four of them heard people screaming. On the floor below, the Hestia Familia group dealt with the monsters that targeted them as they moved along, eventually reaching where the remains of the adventurers that had been massacred by the Juggernaut began.


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