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Afadhali kuwa na jirani mchawi kuliko mwongo. WIKON It is better to have a wizard as a neighbor than a liar. A liar cannot be trusted; a wizard, though dangerous, can be trusted. Asemaye kweli mpenzi wa Its Time - Kiswahili - The Truth Lies Within. One who speaks the truth is loved by God. Asemaye uwongo husema mwenziwe. Saying a lie abuses your companion. Hurts friendly relationships.

Asiyekuwako hatakuwa mwongo. One who is absent will not be a liar. One not associating with liars is not counted as one. Binadamu ni waongo, hata mwizi hawezi kukubali ni mwizi. Human beings are liars, even a thief denies being a thief. Habari ya uwongo ina ncha saba. A false story has seven endings. It can be told in many ways. Like a snowball grows as it rolls along. Habari ya kweli ina ncha moja. A true story has only one ending.

Hakuna akweaye mbuyu na viatu miguuni. Nobody can climb a baobab tree with shoes on his feet. Truth and falsehood do not go together. The liar will fall down. Hekima haishindi ukweli. Knowledge does not defeat the truth. Jicho la jirani halikuangalii bwami. Free translation: Love Over Six Centuries - Eloy - Power And The Passion is better to see than to hear.

It is better to be an eye-witness then a [hearsay] witness. Kinywa cha mzee kina harufu, lakini hakisemi uwongo. Katika kinywa cha mkubwa muna haruu, hakuna uwongo. The mouth of an elder may have an offensive smell, but has no lie. The truth can be hard to hear or to admit. Kuona ni kuamini. Seeing is believing. Kuota kwa ndoto si kushuhudia. Dreaming is not the same as witnessing. Shuhudia : attest, confirm, give evidence, prove. Kuro haisemi uwongo.

The kuro drum does not lie. Kuro : a waterbuck with a very tough skin; a big drum with three legs, covered with a kuro hide. This drum is not beaten without a sound reason. Kusema kweli si tua. Speaking the truth is no disgrace. Kusema kweli [ni] thawabu. Telling the truth is a [God-given] gift. Kusifiwa si kuona, shani nda kuionea. Being praised is not seeing, a wonder becomes evident when one sees it.

Kusikia si kuona. Hearing is not seeing. Do not believe all you hear; investigate. Hearing and seeing is twofold. Kusikia si kufikia. Hearsay is not the same as being there on the spot. Kweli chungu. The truth is bitter. Kweli inauma. NGU Truth hurts. Kweli inunue, lakini usiiuze. Buy the truth, but don't sell it. Kweli iseme inapofaa. Speak the truth when it Its Time - Kiswahili - The Truth Lies Within. appropriate. Kweli Presto - Georg Philipp Telemann - Collegium Pro Musica, Stefano Bagliano - Wassermusik / Flute Conce si uwongo mtamu.

TAA 5. Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. To tell the truth can be painful and the one who tells the truth may not be loved by others. A lie may please, but it Its Time - Kiswahili - The Truth Lies Within. doubts in people's minds. Kweli ikidhihiri uwongo hujitenga. When truth is obvious, falsehood usually gives II. Dreams Of White Bluff - Charles Lloyd / Jason Moran - Hagars Song (File, Album). Ukweli ukidhihiri uwonge kajisetiri.

When the truth appears, untruth hides itself. Kweli ikisimama, wongo hujitenga. Kweli inapofika uwongo hujitenga. When truth arrives, falsehood yields. Kweli iliyo uchungu, si uwongo ulio mtamu. An unpleasant truth is better than a pleasant falsehood. Kweli uchungu, uwongo haramu.

If truth is bitterness, falsehood is an outlaw [is forbidden]. Kweli ingawa uchungu niambie, usinifiche. The truth, even though bitter, tell it me, and do not hide it from me. Said of people who want the truth so they can change their ways. Kweli ndiyo fimbo ya kukamata. Truth is the walking stick to grasp. Truthfulness is the best help in life. Macho ya mbwa hayazuii mwanaume kula. The eyes of a dog do not prevent a man from eating. Truth has nothing to be afraid of; the caravan passes by while the dog barks.

If you are certain of your way you are not distracted by noisy disapprovement. Maelezo si ushahidi. Giving explanation is not the same as bearing witness. Mambo sivyo unavyoyaona. Things are not as you see them. Masikio hayapiti kichwa. The ears are not bigger than the head.

Do not come to conclusions on hearsay evidence. For a different interpretation, cf. Mla sumu hakufa, afile alopika. The one who ate the poison did not die, the one who died was the one who prepared it. Slander often backfires.


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  1. SWAHILI PROVERBS: METHALI ZA KISWAHILI. Ukweli hauna mwanandani. AL The truth has no hiding place. Truth will come out in the open. Mwanandani: the empty space in the side wall of a grave, where the corpse is laid. Then the space is covered by a kiunza, a wooden board.
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  4. never letting go of your dreams, what you see u can create let go of your fear doubt and kelediballadomeenasnowforge.infoinfo that all you need you have within you for that is where absolute truth resides.
  5. Need to translate "truth" to Swahili? Here's how you say it. Translate: to: Synonyms. Antonyms. Definitions. Rhymes. Sentences How to say truth in Swahili What's the Swahili word for truth? Here's how you say it. Swahili Translation. ukweli. More Swahili words for truth.

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