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Label: Harvest - 8E 244-96 918 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Portugal • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock
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The album's themes include criticism of the music I Would Fall - Pirate Mind - Accused Part 1 - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Herealienation, and a tribute to founding member Syd Barrettwho left seven years earlier with deteriorating mental health.

Wish You Were Here received mixed reviews from critics on its release, who found its Part 1 - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here to be uninspiring and inferior to their previous work. It has retrospectively received critical acclaim, hailed as one of the greatest albums of all time and was cited by keyboardist Richard Wright and guitarist David Gilmour as their favourite Pink Floyd album.

Since then, the record has sold an estimated 13 million copies. As Pink Floyd had never employed a publicist and kept themselves distant from the press, their relationship with the media began to sour. Mason said later that a critical NME review of the band's new material, written by Syd Barrett devotee Nick Kentmay have had influence in keeping the band together, as they returned to the studio in the first week of It reflects his feeling that the camaraderie that Part 1 - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here served the band was, by then, largely absent.

Wish You Were Here is also a critique of the music business. Similarly, " Have a Cigar " scorns record industry "fat-cats" with the lyrics repeating a stream of cliches heard by rising newcomers in the industry, and including the question "by the way, which one's Pink? I thought we should try and work harder on marrying the idea and the vehicle that carried Part 1 - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Hereso that they both had an equal magic… It's something I was personally pushing when we made Wish You Were Here.

The group Slow Love - Tweedy - Sukierae worked with engineer Brian Humphries on Morerecorded at Pye Studios, [12] and again in when he replaced an inexperienced concert engineer.

On one occasion, Humphries inadvertently spoiled the backing tracks for "Shine On", a piece that Waters and drummer Nick Mason had spent many hours perfecting, with echo. The entire piece had to be re-recorded. Keyboardist Richard Wright later described these sessions as "falling within a difficult period", and Waters recalled them as "torturous". Gilmour was also becoming increasingly frustrated with Mason, whose failing marriage had brought on a general malaise and sense of apathy, both of which interfered with his drumming.

It was a very difficult period I have to say. All your childhood dreams had been sort of realised and we had the biggest selling records in the world and all the things you got into it for. The girls and the money and the fame and all that stuff it was all I don't think they knew what they wanted to do.

We had a dartboard and an air rifle and we'd play these word games, sit around, get drunk, go home and return the next day. After several weeks, Waters began to visualise another concept. Mostly an instrumental twenty-minute-plus piece similar to " Echoes ", the opening four-note guitar phrase reminded Waters of the lingering ghost of former band-member Syd Barrett.

Gilmour disagreed, but was outvoted three to one. Waters did not recognise him. In Mason's Pink Floyd memoir Inside Outhe recalled Barrett's conversation as "desultory and not entirely sensible". He sat round and talked for a bit but he wasn't really there. Waters was reportedly reduced to tears by the sight of his former bandmate. When fellow visitor Andrew King asked how Barrett had gained so much weight, Barrett said he had a large refrigerator in his kitchen and had been eating lots of pork chops.

He mentioned that he was ready to help with the recording, but while listening to the mix of "Shine On", showed no signs of understanding its relevance to him.

Barrett joined Gilmour's wedding reception in the No One To Depend On - Santana - The Remasters canteen, but left without saying goodbye. It was the last time the band members saw him. I'm very sad about Syd. Of course he was important Vinyl - Garben* - Vinyl the band would never have fucking started without him because he was writing all the material.

It couldn't have happened without him but on the other hand it couldn't have gone on with him. I found that terribly sad. Wine glasses had been filled with varying amounts of fluid, and recordings were made of a wet finger circling the edge of each glass. These recordings were multi-tracked into chords. Menuhin watched as Grappelli played on the song "Wish You Were Here"; however, the band later decided his contribution was unsuitable and, untilit was believed that the piece had been wiped.

Recording sessions had twice been interrupted by US tours one in April and the other in June[36] and the final sessions, which occurred after the band's performance at Knebworthproved particularly troublesome for Waters. His problems stemmed in part Mama Say Mama Sa (Hi_Tack Mix) - The Caramel Club - Mama Say Mama Sa the stresses placed upon his voice while recording the lead vocals of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond".

Gilmour was asked to sing in his place, [29] but declined, and eventually colleague and friend Roy Harper was asked to stand in. Harper was recording his own album in another of Abbey Road's studios, and Gilmour had already performed some guitar licks for him. Waters later regretted the decision, believing he should have performed the song.

Roy Harper, performing at the same event, on discovering that his stage costume was missing, proceeded to destroy one of Pink Floyd's vans, injuring himself in the process.

This delayed the normal setup procedure of the band's sound system. As a pair of World War II Supermarine Spitfire had been booked to fly over the crowd during their entrance, the band were not able to delay their set. The result was that a power supply problem pushed Wright's keyboards completely out of tune, damaging the band's performance. At one point he left the stage, but the band were able to continue with a less sensitive keyboard, a piano and a simpler light show.

Following a brief intermission, they returned to perform The Dark Side of the Moonbut critics displeased about being denied access backstage savaged the performance. Storm Thorgerson had accompanied the band on their tour and had given serious thought to the meaning of the lyrics, eventually deciding that the songs were, in general, concerned with "unfulfilled presence", rather than Barrett's illness. Thorgerson had noted that Roxy Music 's Country Life was sold in an opaque green cellophane sleeve — censoring the cover image — and he copied the idea, concealing the artwork for Wish You Were Here in a black-coloured shrink-wrap therefore making the album art "absent".

The concept behind "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" suggested the use of a handshake an often empty gestureand George Hardie designed a sticker containing the album's logo of two mechanical hands engaged in a handshake, to be placed on the opaque sleeve the mechanical handshake logo would also appear on the labels of the vinyl album this time in a black and blue background. The album's cover images were photographed by Aubrey "Po" Powell, Storm's partner at the design studio Hipgnosis, and inspired by the idea that people tend to conceal their true feelings, for fear of "getting burned", and thus two businessmen were pictured shaking hands, one man on fire.

Two stuntmen were used Ronnie Rondell and Danny Rogersone dressed in a fire-retardant suit It Doesn´t Matter - Divine Horsemen - Devils River by a business suit.

His head was protected by a hood, underneath a wig. The photograph was taken at the Warner Bros. The two stuntmen changed positions, and the image was later reversed. The album's back cover depicts a faceless "Floyd salesman", in Thorgerson's words, "selling his soul" in the desert shot in the Yuma Desert in California again by Aubrey "Po" Powell. The absence of wrists and ankles signifies his presence as an "empty suit". The inner sleeve shows a veil concealing a nude woman in a windswept Norfolk grove, and a splash-less diver at Mono Lake — titled Monosee the German translation of Mono Lake on the liner notes — in California again emphasising the theme of absence.

EMI were less concerned; [43] [44] the band Part 1 - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here reportedly extremely happy with the end product, and when presented with a pre-production mockup, they accepted it with a spontaneous round of applause.

On release, the album received mixed reviews. Ben Edmunds wrote in Rolling Stone that the band's "lackadaisical demeanor" leaves the subject of Barrett "unrealised; they give such a matter-of-fact reading of the goddamn thing that they might as well be singing about Roger Waters's brother-in-law getting a parking ticket.

A positive review came from Robert Christgau in The Village Voice : "The music is not only simple and attractive, with the synthesizer used mostly for texture and the guitar breaks for comment, but it actually achieves some of the symphonic dignity and cross-referencing that The Dark Side of the Moon simulated so ponderously.

It has soul, that's why — it's Roger Waters's lament for Syd, not my idea of a tragic hero but as long as he's Roger's that doesn't matter. Wish You Were Here has since been frequently regarded as one of the greatest albums. According to Acclaimed Musicit is the th-most ranked record on critics' all-time lists. Wish You Were Here was voted number one. Despite the problems during production, the album remained Wright's favourite: "It's an album I can listen to for pleasure, and there aren't many Floyd albums that I can.

The end result of all that, whatever it was, definitely has left me an album I Part 1 - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here live with very very happily. I like it very much. Wish You Were Here has been remastered and re-released on several formats. The label was a recreation of the original machine handshake logo, with a black and blue background. From Wikipedia, Corruption - Vince Vatican* - Disturbing The Peace free encyclopedia.

Pink Floyd. Progressive rock [1] art rock [2] experimental rock [3]. Harvest Columbia. Original vinyl shrink wrap banner, also used for s tape releases, s European re-releases, and slipcase of s vinyl re-release. The song contains lyrics that are critical of the music industry. Other authors claim that the reception and Barrett's visit were on 5 June.

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New York.


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  1. Wish You Were Here was Pink Floyd's fastest-selling album ever. The album was certified Silver and Gold (60, and , sales respectively) in the UK on 1 August , and Gold in the US on 17 September Genre: Progressive rock, art rock, experimental rock.
  2. About “Wish You Were Here”. “Wish You Were Here” is the title track on Pink Floyd’s album. The song’s lyrics encompass writer Roger Waters ‘ feelings of alienation from other people, drawing particular inspiration from his old friend Syd Barrett, the founder of Pink Floyd who left the band due to mental health issues.
  3. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here at Discogs. Complete your Pink Floyd collection/5(K).
  4. 1. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here, Part 1: Intro: 2. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here, Part 2 (Includes: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Part 1 / Welcome to the Machine) 3. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here, Part 5: End Credits.
  5. Secondly, large record companies - such as those that Pink Floyd are signed to in different parts of the world, i.e. EMI and Sony Music - do not put out high-profile albums by high-profile bands (such as Wish you were here by Pink Floyd) with bonus tracks on it without making a big fuss about it.
  6. Wish You Were Here [3/4] This intro solo is not particularly difficult but probably not for beginners. If you've learned the rest of the song and are likely to play it at a party where others.

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