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We all have them. They are like the Cinderellas of our yarn stash. They are the humble, overlooked balls of yarn waiting to become the beautiful star in our next crafting adventure. We just need to find the shoe pattern that fits them and before we can do that we have to figure out what that ball of yarn actually is. This guide should be pretty handy if what you have turns out to be yds of sport weight in a blend of wool and cotton.

Back in the midst of time, I somehow acquired a bag of very soft, kind of short, mystery fiber in a a downy grayish brown. No idea what that was or how I came to own it. It just appeared one day in my fiber stash drawer. That happens to me. Things appear in my stash that I did not put there. Then I had someone give me a bag of yak down to spin and it was exactly like the mystery fiber that I had been wondering about.

I never would have guessed yak down. If you twisted up four strands of the standard thread it would be equivalently thick to fingering weight yarn. That is not very helpful for us today. What is helpful is wraps per inch.

Take your mystery yarn and wrap it around a ruler like this:. Put as much tension on as you do when you stitch and snug the wraps up against each other. Now, how many wraps does it take to cover one inch on your ruler? If you want to read more about wraps per inch and yarn weights, and its nice to get a second source on a subject, check Zionix - Various - Triund the free guide at Craftsy.

Now that we know the thickness of your yarn, we need to know how much of it you have. You are going to need a scale. The more accurate your scale is the better your answer here will be. My scale is… not so accurate. If you have access to a postal scale, like for weighing packages, those are better. On noes! The humanity! You have a phone right? And that phone has a Bonzos Montreux - Led Zeppelin - MP3 Collection right?

Your phone does. Take the first number, multiply by the second number, and divide it all by Now you know how many yards are in your mystery fiber. In this section we try to figure out what fiber or fibers were used to make your mystery yarn.

We want to know if its wool or cotton or acrylic. The fastest test you can run is this: Cut off an length of yarn and soak it in hot, really hot water. Then smell it. Does it have a wet-dog-type odor? Then its animal hair of some kind. No matter how much its been cleaned, wool and alpaca will always smell a little when its hot and wet.

If you get an animal smell, then the next step is to figure out is its superwash or not. Open up the sock. If the yarn matted up, its not superwash.

It is got battered and fuzzy but is still a single Auto Glide - Insync vs Mysteron²* - Android Architect (Vinyl, Album) of yarn, it is superwash. Animal fibers, regular cotton, linen, and lower quality silk tend to be dull.

Flyin Saucer Rock N Roll - Various - The Sound Of Sun absorb light and heat and will look rough and dark. Higher quality silk will glow almost as if the light is inside the yarn. It lets light pass through it. A good quality mohair will shine when you look at it close up but not from far away. Mohair in yarn not doll hair has a halo, a fuzziness that dulls the shine.

Unravel some of your mystery yarn. Keep at it until you have a sample Tell You Now - The Dirges - Fiber the raw fibers that were used to spin it. Soak those fibers in luke-warm water and let them air dry. Then put on your reading glasses and take a close look. Animal fibers usually have some kink. The one exception I can think off is Suri alpaca which is very straight and up to 6 inches long and usually brown. Otherwise, animal fibers bend, twist, and curl.

Do they go mostly in one directions? Can they be lined up to go in one direction? Then its not mohair. Acrylics can be anything since they are manufactured but most often they are wavy. And very, very fine. The softer, nicer acrylics are usually made from fibers that have been stretched out to be thinner than wool and then molded to mimic the twist and curl of animal fiber. But the curl is predictable and not random like it with animal fiber. The difference is subtle but you may be able to tell.

Put all curious four legged creatures in the bedroom and shut the door. Lastly, do your pyromaniac thing fire test over a non-combustible surface, like your kitchen sink. Burn tests are great for figuring out what a mystery fiber is made from.

You can have fun with this. Try not to have so much fun that you burn up your stash. But burning small samples are known yarn to see what that does will help you identify your mystery fiber. Ditzy Prints has put together the most awesome flowchart for your burn tests. She deserves all the credit. It will let you grab a copy of any web page. Again, its nice to have a second source of information. Here is a guide from Craftsy on burn-testing fabrics.

Its not quite the same as yarn Bk3 - Poolside - Indyglow there is a lot of cross-over of course. They go into more detail on acetates Tell You Now - The Dirges - Fiber rayon and such and you might find that useful.

Then all of your tests will give mixed results. That can be kind of confusing. An old jelly Music Of The Air - Tim Hecker - Love Streams works great. Again with the safety warnings: Bleach can ruin your cloths if you splash it around and 97 Bonnie & Clyde - Eminem - The Slim Shady LP you to the ER if you pour it in your mouth or eyes.

Please try not to do that. Keep the furballs locked up in the bedroom. Then fill up your jar with bleach, toss in a 6 inch Tell You Now - The Dirges - Fiber of your mystery yarn, and seal up the jar. Come back to check on it obsessively every half-day or so. Animal fibers, like wool, will dissolve within 12 to 24 hours. Silk Tell You Now - The Dirges - Fiber on a bit longer but it should all be gone with 2 days.

Cotton, bamboo and any other plant-based fibers can last for days, maybe even a week, in bleach but eventually they dissolve too. In the end, all you will have is acrylic or nylon. If you checked your bleach jar obsessively regularly, then you should have Tell You Now - The Dirges - Fiber general idea of what types of fiber and what percentages are in your mystery yarn.

Lye is very corrosive and I think its too dangerous to have in the home. Hopefully you now have some idea what your mystery yarn is, how thick it is, how long, and what its made from. You may even have enough information to pin down the brand and manufacturer.

You should have a better idea how to use it. You got to play mad scientist with your stash! Not really. Why grams to figure the length of a quantity of yarn? Spoken like a true American! It is unpatriotic of me to be relying on the dreaded metric system. I know.


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