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Label: Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD DG 1046 • Format: CD Album, Unofficial Release • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Speed Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. One is usually determined to make a review when he thinks he has an important opinion to give about a certain subject, in my case, I Little Fluffy Clouds (Inner Master Mix) - The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds it after having listened to all the discography at least full-lengths from Artillery, which can give a feeling of be spoiling at times.

The album we have here usually reaches the ears of people who already have some time listening to thrash metal and feel a little tired of the most prominent bands of the Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squad that usually monopolize the attention of the public in My Way Is Cloudy - The Golden Gate Quartet - The Double Album. This could give the impression that what we have in front of us does not have the same level of that material that we heard first, which I am glad to say, does not happen with this particular band and I doubt that this perception would be different whatever the listening moment during your thrash metal exploration were.

That said, we face a musical style that seems familiar since the beginning of the album. Well-used leads accompanied by furious riffs and of course with a better sound quality than in the previous work of the band. The whole ensemble sounds better, which speaks well of production work despite Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squad been recorded in the same studio as its predecessor.

This sound allows us to have a better appreciation of the distortions used by guitarists to achieve a sound that became almost characteristic during the second half of the 80's in this genre. The speed and accents of the battery are also well positioned throughout the entire disc. The fills and speed as well as time changes offer a complete, varied and especially original enough experience to stand out from the large number of albums that were already around the scene at that time, and all this without taking off the characteristic sound of thrash metal that I personally consider is the archetype that must be followed when playing it.

Fast, aggressive, varied and without Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squadwell located breaks that exalt the creative work of each instrument every time it is decided to return to the main riff before the end of each song. It is a classic formula that does not disappoint when used correctly, and here it is well used in each of his songs. Obviously there are some more remarkable than others, but the threshold is not wide enough to establish relevant discriminators.

The work of the voice is perhaps the most representative thing that Artillery had during this period of its existence, and although the voice may sound discordant for the new thrasher, it is a sound that you get not only to value but to respect more and more with each listening.

Ronsdorf have broad vocal range capable of achieving high sharpness without audible effort while giving a scratchy character to the voice that is excellent with the sound of others and perfectly complements the sound that I mentioned earlier. I usually see the good side of everything, so I will not waste time mentioning the bad things the album has since each perception is different. Who reads this will not look for reasons not to listen to the material in question.

Everyone listens to what they choose, and among the many albums available, I regularly choose to listen to Terror Squad due to the quality present throughout its duration. That is something that everyone should experience on their own.

Artillery's storied catalog of intense thrash is hidden behind some of the worst cover art of all time. I already had a problem with Fear of Tomorrow looking more like a hip hop album, but at least it didn't look like Rainbow's Difficult to Cure as illustrated by Max Fleischer. Oh Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squad. On the bright side, the delirious, grotesquely exagerrated aesthetic is at least somewhat indicative of what you're in for; a snarling, foamy-mouthed monstrosity that sounds like Reign in Blood on peyote.

If Fear of Tomorrow was designed to usher you into a new Raw Code - Various - Livity Sound (File) of hyper-aggressive power thrash, Terror Squad assumes you're all caught up and ready for more.

There's a frantic desperation in his voice that's downright unnerving at times, particularly in the aptly deranged 'Therapy'. Here, manic screams echo binaurally, creating a hallucinatory "call-and-response" effect that's every bit as disturbing as it sounds. And then of course there's Terror Squad 's party-piece; the riffs. Assisted greatly by a guitar tone that invokes Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squad manner of nightmarish sounds - everything from rusty lumberyard buzzsaws to dying harddrives - celebrated standouts like 'Decapitation of Deviants' and 'The Challenge' become a choking miasma of bloodthirsty riffs piled one atop the other.

A thick atmosphere of chaos and dread is created, matched only by thrash metal's darkest and most violent assaults like Demolition Hammer's Epidemic of Violence and Morbid Saint's Spectrum of Death. Production snobs will no doubt find Terror Squad a nominal improvement over Fear of Tomorrow. An obscene treble bias returns, so much so that the bass interlude in 'Let There Be Sin' sounds more like an exceptionally loud acoustic guitar. This track also highlights another issue; it blitzes ahead like a derailed train, but with tinny and muffled blastbeats that hardly capitalize on the frenzy.

Though, it bears mentioning Terror Squad is one of Gene Hoglan's favorite albums, and to my knowledge, he's never complained of a bad drum sound. And y'know, I wouldn't blame you if you took his word over mine.

The pacing and overall consistency of Terror Squad is practically peerless, even if that does mean songwriting that can feel a touch on the samey side. This is one of the very few times I would've appreciated some sort of acoustic interlude, or even some protracted bridges to allow listeners to gather their thoughts and adequately prepare for the next bombardment.

If any album earned a few minutes of chugging and time-wasting, it would be Terror Squad. Alas, I suppose I have no choice but to endure forty straight minutes of sublime, full-throttle thrash mastery.

Such a shame, I know. In the Danish army was defeated by an alliance of the military forces of Prussia and Austria. It seems as if the defenders did not have effective cannons Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squad order to Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squad the attackers under control. Worse still, it took more than years before the Kingdom of Denmark had a powerful artillery.

Well, its gunners were obviously born too late and they were not really martial. But this kind of artillery definitely shook the European thrash scene in a sustainable way. The relatively smooth "By Inheritance" is probably the best known album of Speaking Through My Pen - Eastkoast & Phalo Pantoja - Merciless Beauty first period of Artillery.

Instead, it picks up the threads of the stormy debut while taking its approach to a remarkably higher level. Already the first riff of the opener appears as a lump of raw meat. A short mid-paced introduction leads to an amazing thrash orgy.

Ironclad riffs build the backbone while the lead singer articulates his desperation about the behaviour of mankind. The chorus leaves its mark, but the Slayer-like solo opens the most thrilling part. In my humble opinion, the song offers this certain grain of insanity that separates genre monuments from simply good thrashers.

A fantastic tune, but definitely not the only highlight. The likewise phenomenal "At War with Science" also deals with the aberrations of mankind. Its impressing heaviness intertwines with fast-paced rhythms and the sinister and hopeless atmosphere characterises this monolithic opus.

Once again, the daring solos after the second chorus kick off the most intense part and increase the dynamic of the track in a remarkable manner. However, intensity is the key word for the entire full-length. The heavyweight sound leaves no chance to escape. Without making any kind of compromise, the guitarists create an inferno of almost 40 minutes.

They shape songs that are very well balanced between primitiveness and complexity. No tune falls by the wayside. Artillery prefer the conventional verse-chorus-verse structure, but this is no problem at all. An appropriate amount of tempo changes guarantees the lively appearance of the tunes.

The variety of the riffs also prevents any kind of boredom. The same applies for the vocals. From time to time he sounds like being in danger of going Ring Mod Jam - Nels Cline & Henry Kaiser - The Art Of The Stompbox (DVD). Be that as it may, his performance is fantastic.

He presents every line with utter conviction and covers a broad spectrum of tones. Artillery perform an independent form of thrash. It can be excluded that the American thrash pioneers have not been an inspiration for the Danish "Terror Squad". But the band members do not reveal their exact influences.

The riffs cannot be described as filigree or elastic so that the Bay Area does not arise before your inner eye. Perhaps because of the geographical proximity, the guys are closer to the relatively rumbling approach of some German formations. But at the end of the day, "Terror Squad" does not need a strong shoulder to lean on. It stands on its own feet and further great tracks such as "Therapy" with its somewhat weird riffs, the thunderous title track or the roaring "In the Trash" justify the high rating.

Not to mention the accusing chorus of "Hunger and Greed". Admittedly, even the crude cover meets my taste. Another highlight on this album is the awesome performance by Flemming Ronsdorf, who once again took the entire band to the next level.

His gift for hitting incredible highs, vicious growls and beautiful, clean notes is unparalleled in the thrash subgenre. Morten Stutzer also shined with his bass playing, delivering fill after fill, and even being heavier than the riffs at points. I don't see anyone who enjoyed "Fear of Tomorrow" not liking this album.

This album marks the stage of this great bands maturation. Fear of Tomorrow showed merely a glimmer of Artillery's potential, both from a strictly technical perspective, and from a songwriting point. Fear of Tomorrow is killer don't get me wrong, in fact it is way up there for thrash debuts i think, but Terror Squad, WOW. This album is just nonstop headbanging. This album is what thrash is about. Continuing with the idea of maturation, this albums production is much more professional then Fear.

You get a lot more of the high end that wasn't really there. Having said that, the production is still far from what you might get on say a more mainstream album. But this is not a Su Di Noi - Pupo - Lequilibrista thing by any means. This gives the album a nice charm, and the raspy crunch of the production gives Adélaïde - André* & Gildas* - Kitsuné Parisien album a very unique quality, that fits in perfectly with the rawer thrash sound this album has.

Flemming Ronsdorf's vocals are Terror Squad - Artillery - Terror Squad Fausto Leali / Iva Zanicchi - San Remo 1.968 compare.

This is when he really finds his voice, and cranks out some absolutely vicious, and inspiring high pitched yelps, that would make Rob Halford shiver.

His voice can hit some insanely high notes, but at the same time maintain a raspy growl like quality to them. His vocal performance on this album is one of the best in thrash, and is one of the strongest points on the album.

The Stutzers are not going to be ignored though, and no one but the deaf could. The riffs? They are just too good! Morten is still on bass duty at this point, and he kills it. The bass sound could be a tad louder admittedly, but it is still audible, and kickass.


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  1. - Issued with inner lyric sleeve and blue/white Neat Records center labels. - Track 1 misspelled "The Challange" on the back cover. Recording information.
  2. Aug 28,  · Artillery is a great unknown trash-metal band from Denmark. The music is extremely heavy and fast, very similar to Slayer but in my opinion better rhythms. The lead gutairist runs scales so fast it is hard to stay up with him, and the drumming is /5(6).
  3. Terror Squad is the second full-length by the thrash metal legend Artillery. It’s from and it’s always able to deliver a great assault of speed/thrash metal with balls and a .

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