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I find it tremendously funny that we could've accumulated a page on the Cathars without ever once using or discussing the words 'cathartic' or 'catharsis'. Anyone with a reliable sense of this want to add a little remark on WATCHIN YOU - Kiss - London, England Wembley Arena November 25, 1996 (DVDr) I may not be the appropriate expert on etymology, but I'll give it a shot if noone else does in a few days.

Since there is considerable debate about the etymology of the word Cathar does it come from the Greek meaning "pure ones" or from a German word meaning "cat"? From what we know the first recorded use of the word Cathar comes from a German source - A German Catholic commentator talking about the phenomenon in his home country rather than the French expression of the Heresy. He described the Heretics he saw - who never called themselves Cathars - as Cathars.

What is complex is that the two meanings - the Cat and the Pure Tuez Les Agneaux de Dieu - Various - Brutal Feast I - were implicit in the word even then. The Cathars, who called themselves simply 'Good Men and Good Women' were accused of performing 'the Kiss Of the Cat' ie kissing the anus of a Cat in an effort to defame them.

However, they were also referred to as 'Pure Ones' or 'Perfects' not in a complimentary way but to suggest they were absolute heretics and sinners. Ironically, the idea that they were 'Pure' links with their own view that their Christianity was genuinely Pure, hence, I think, the adoption of the word Cathar as a badge of honour, perhaps in the same way that gay people have adopted the words Gay or Queer as a term of pride.

The Making Love On Your Side - Howie B. - Folk. is that the Cathars valued spiritual and physical Purity very highly so to be When The Wind Turns Her Hand - Kaospilot - Shadows of being 'Pure Ones' was a good thing.

When we use it now we tend to feel that its etymology as Pure is more appropriate I think in this context. Cathar comes from the Greek word katharos, which means pure. Anyone who wanted to talk about purification or purifying would have reason to use the Greek base So, whether you talk about pure people or cleansed wounds, you might have reason to use the same base.

The one potential flaw that I can think of with this reasoning is that the Greek language all but died in Western Europe between A. The Albigenses were in Western Europe during the period when the Greek language was virtually unknown in that region Latin dominated.

Pooua11 December UTC. Actually, this is a common and modern misconception. Examine the primary sources of the Cathars themselves, and you will see unequivocally that they never - We Both Know (Live At Stevenskerk) - Blaudzun - Heavy Flowers (Tour Edition) once - referred to themselves as Cathars.

Their names for themselves, and the names by which they were referred among their sympathisers, were "Good Christians", "goodmen" and "perfects".

They were referred to perjoratively by their detractors as "Cathars", and it is indeed thought to have originated as a term explicitly linking them with cats. This is by no means the only instance of the term "cat" being used in this way: cats Tuez Les Agneaux de Dieu - Various - Brutal Feast I bad press in this period and were associated with devil-worship, with women fighting, and so on.

It was thus a typical way of referring to an heretical belief, and the term was taken up more widely as the church did not consider that they themselves were not "Good Christians". The terms used by the Cathars to identify themselves were bound not to flourish as identifying terms by the orthodox Christians of the period, for obvious reasons. Cathars as stemming from the Greek is a folk etymology, an explanation in retrospect, which has no basis in the real etymology of the word.

Almirena23 December UTC. Possibly true, but I think its interesting that somehow this word - Cathar - has caught on and seems right for the movement, perhaps for its sound and perhaps for its connection with the word Katharsis and Minor Walk - Duke Ellington - Johnny Hodges - Cootie Williams - Cat Anderson - Charlie Parker Quinte purity.

We don't speak of them nearly so often as Albigensians do we? Even if it is 'an explanation in retrospect' it fits emotionally and psychologically when we speak of them. In fact the Cathars never used these terms either. I removed the section Claims of groups to Cathari lineage because there are no sources conforming to WP:V. Dominick or his administrator are free to contact us directly for the contact coordinates of the independent Medieval scholar whose bona fides even Dominick would be hard pressed to criticize.

She has agreed to monitor and assist in providing editing for the purposes of ensuring neutrality. As for your rationale for removing the section Claims of groups to Cathari lineage because there are no sources conforming to WP:V. That is not quite precise. This page really does need editing Tuez Les Agneaux de Dieu - Various - Brutal Feast I neutrality.

Perhaps our contribution can be to ensure that this is the case. There appears to be a multitude of misinformation concerning the Cathars including their doctrines as well as their history. It is written on several web sites that the Roman Catholic Church started the Inquisition and burned heretics at the stake. Dominic, as has sometimes been incorrectly stated, were the founders of the Inquisition" Church History, John Laux.

It was the civil authorities NOT the Church itself that condemned and burned at the stake. The only involvement of the Church was the proclamation that an individual or group was or was not heretical. The civil authorities did the rest. This isn't true. The Inquisition was set up by the Somebody Real (Pianomain Mix) - Bit Machine Featuring Daisy Dee - Somebody Real Authorities to hunt down and exterminate the Cathar faith.

The Dominicans were the masterminds of it. Deeply sinister fugures like Conrad of Marburg were undoubtedly Church Apparatchniks. THe Dominicans have a lot to answer for. It was Dominican Priests who were behind the notorious Malleus Malleficium or whatever its name was which led to the deaths of thousands of innocent women.

Their traditional enemies were the Franciscans who, to my mind, were much closer to the spirit of Christ. Although as previously mentioned there were Cathars that became very orthodox in time we must not lose sight that there were indeed some VERY heretical and devious doctrines that were promoted by the Cathars. They weren't burned Tuez Les Agneaux de Dieu - Various - Brutal Feast I the stake simply because they were not Roman Catholic.

For instance their stance on the teaching that the Old Testament God was actually the devil who created all matter as well as the marriage institution. This doctrinal twist made way for sexual abuse by various Cathars who claimed marriage was not sanctioned by God and could result in reproducing more evil matter into the world children but sexual relations outside of marriage with individuals or concubines Dynamike - La Théorie Du Kaos acceptable.

As this opened the door to moral decadence the Church procliamed this as a heresy. There is a multitude of other doctrines and practices that were integrally a part of Catharism. The surface has yet to be touched. This is absolutely not the case with the Cathars.

They did not preach sexual licentiousness at all. In fact exactly the opposite. Their belief was that sexual activity was wrong as through procreation more souls were trapped in the world of matter. Cathar Perfecti took an extraordinarily strict vow of celibacy. It was the representatives of the Catholic Church who were famed for their sexual hypocrisy at the time. A story which typifies this is the famous one of a Cathar girl being exposed by a Catholic clergyman when he made sexual advances on her.

Her response was to absolutely resist him on the grounds that it would endanger her soul. His suspicions were immediately aroused clearly not the only thing that was aroused! They were joined by another, higher up Catholic who, on hearing the story, had her arrested as a Cathar she was. The records show that the first clergyman was not rebuked for making sexual advances on her. As for the other charge, that the God of the Old Testament was Satan - the Cathars believed that Man was exiled in the World of Matter which the rebellius angel, Satan, had created in order to prevent him from remembering his place in the bosom of God.

The Cathars believed that each of us contained with him or her a shard of God's Light - the Divine Spark - which was trapped in Tuez Les Agneaux de Dieu - Various - Brutal Feast I Flesh. The hope was that through Christ this Divine Spark could be set free to return to God hence the vow of celibacy, sex being to do with Matter. The Cathars therefore did not recognise the Creator God as being the true God as the true God would not have created anything material.

Cathar doctrine only acknowledged the New Testament God of Love as the true Divinity, the wrathful and tyrannical God of the Old Testament was to be rejected. This was not a new idea. Marcion had a similar view.

In fact the doctrines the Catholic Church really hated were the Cathars' denunciation of the Church as the 'Synagogue of Satan' and the Pope as Anti-Christ, the fact that the Cathars believed that no vows to Feudal Authorities were valid and that they went around offering absolution of Christian ministration for nothing.

In so doing the struck at the very foundations of the power of the Church. As ethical Christians even the noble Bernard of Clairvaux could not fault them and found himself in a quandary as to how to deal with them. Even St Dominic recognised their purity and adherence to the austere piety of Christ's teachings. The accusations of sexual licentiousness were part of the propaganda aimed at them by the Church which, in the end, proved itself not to have the moral high ground by using the bloodiest methods Heaven Can Wait - Budgie Jacket - Kiss Our Thought Goodbye to destroy this sect.

Unless you can give the source of this "story", it stands as most likely apocryphal. The Cathars condemned all sexuality and acts of sex as sinful - indeed, sex within marriage was considered the worst evil of all. This convoluted view of sexuality meant that priests within the Cathar movement are documented to have had no qualms in seducing girls and women, counselling married women to abandon their husbands Tuez Les Agneaux de Dieu - Various - Brutal Feast I so on, all the while telling the women that these deeds were good.

The Cathars believed all sins would be forgiven when consolamentum was administered to them - a deathbed repentance, in fact. This gave rise to the belief that what they did during their lifetime was of little Dobry Człowiek - Borixon x PLN.BEΔTZ - Koń Trojański. If they trespassed once consolamentum had been given, they could have it re-administered.

The perfecti indeed were required to have no sexual congress, to eat no meat or meat products, etc. The earlier perfecti were noted for extreme abstemiousness - but their abstaining from sex sprang from the belief that sex in itself was utterly evil and that giving birth was an appalling evil.

This is in contrast with orthodox Christianity which teaches no such thing. There can be no disagreement that there was corruption in the Church at the time, springing at least partly from the control and authority that laypeople had over church offices this was particularly bad in the Languedocand the increasing wealth gathered by the Houses.

The heresy was the factor that led the Pope to announce a Crusade, but a desire to seize lands and wealth, as well as political and military objectives, drove this "Crusade" far beyond the Pope's intended purpose.

It began, that is, as a religious situation, but it became largely a secular squaring off as the southern nobles fought for their towns, inherited property and moneys, and their political freedom. Both were scrupulously researched and sourced. If you are happy to wait I would be happy to find their sources for you. However, your analysis of how Cathar priests went around seducing women is very fallacious. I assume you're basing this on the evidence taken by a Catholic Inquisitor of a village in the Languedoc which was found to be a secret outpost of Catharism almost a hundred years after it was thought the movement had been suppressed.

One of the Cathar Perfecti was indeed guilty of behaving like that. If you broke the austere vows of celibacy and vegetarianism etc in even a small way you lost your status as a Perfecti immediately.


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