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Bev's a professional tarot reader with 19 years of experience. She enjoys exploring all topics related to the supernatural and paranormal. Have you felt a little different from other people since you were a child? Do you sometimes have a clear feeling about a future event? If so, you might be "supersensory" in other words, psychic.

Check out these 10 signs to see if you have extra-sensory perception, or a sixth sense. This is also known as a gut feeling or a strong hunch. It is sensitive to energy. Everyone can tune into their intuitionbut most choose to ignore it.

You have learned that your intuition has guided you well throughout your life. To test out your intuition, next time you have to make a decision, however small, place your hand on your solar plexus and become aware of the feeling in your body when you consider each choice laid before you. Do you feel it? Your body, your intuition knows what to do before your do it. This is known as precognition pre-knowing. You recognize it before it happens.

Ask your feelings what they are trying to tell you. Perhaps you often dream about the future. This also comes under the precognition umbrella, but usually, the dream is very specific. You are shown snippets of events, usually detrimental to someone close. Sometimes it might be a catastrophic event, such as What A Lovely Afternoon.

- DJ ESP - I Am Psychic You Know. earthquake or another natural disaster. Precognitive folk are often able to foretell when people are about to die because Bimbam (Binary Alternative Version) - Argy / Lee Van Dowski - Ethiopias Rise / Bimbam meet them in their dreams.

You hear whispers and voices, but there is no physical source. Very often this psychic skill means you are a channel for spirits. They are certainly closely related. Claircognizants people with clear understanding know things they shouldn't be able to know. You often know what someone is going to say before they say it.

Sometimes you know when your child or partner is in a difficult situation. You may often preempt a request. If you think you are telepathic, there are many ways to develop your ability. Playing guessing games is helpful. Seeing auras is more common than you think. You can probably see your own right now. Hold your hand in front of a dark background and move your fingers slightly. You should see a silvery aura like cigarette smoke around your fingers.

Then you can progress to other people and to auric colors. Seeing visions and spirits is a sign of clairvoyance clear vision or second sight. This often occurs in conjunction with clairaudient abilities. Receiving messages from spirits means that you are a psychic medium i. You might be able to discern the past history of an object or its owner simply What A Lovely Afternoon.

- DJ ESP - I Am Psychic You Know. holding it. It can work with people too. Have you ever brushed past someone in a busy street and had a picture flash into your mind that seemed to have nothing to do with you? You are picking up vibration. Everyone can do this, but not everyone can translate what they feel into words or pictures. We all have these odd little experiences, but you may have them more than most because you are tuned-in. You may never have been in that place, but you once had a "future memory" of it.

Hence the strange feeling of knowing but not quite knowing. You are tuning into a memory. A very strong conviction that you have been somewhere before, or have met someone previously, probably indicates that you are remembering a past incarnation. If you are able to intuit meaning from divinatory toolssuch as tarot cards, playing cards, a glass or crystal ball, palm reading, tea leaf reading, or anything like that, then you are probably an intuitive psychic.

It is possible to learn such skills—for example, the tarot is a structured system that anyone can learn. The skill when reading cards Groundhog - Groundhogs* - U.S.

Tour 72 to marry the meaning with your intuition to give an accurate interpretation. Scrying foretelling the future using a reflective object or surface with a crystal ball or dark mirror is a form of meditation. Again, anyone can learn this, and with practice, become proficient in foretelling the future. Another divinatory skill is divining for water, objects, and energy lines. Divining involves using a divining rod, usually made from a light twig or wire and picking up varying energy patterns from the earth.

Holding a pendulum will also yield results. Sometimes, you can shut them down by stating your intention clearly. Meditation may also help.

If you would like to see where your skills could take you, then research and practice until you become competent. Search for people with similar abilities to your own and share your experiences. If you have a psychic related question, feel free to ask in the comments or questions sections below. However, I'm not going to keep answering the same things over and over. Read through and see if someone else has asked a similar question first.

Please note: Many people describe how they have dreams, read What A Lovely Afternoon. - DJ ESP - I Am Psychic You Know. , and similar experiences. I can't keep answering what is basically the same question over and over. The automated system deletes duplicate questions.

So if your experiences line up with those described in the article and with those in the questions and comments, then yes, you are psychic. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Whenever I look at something hard I see sketches of little figures; one time one waved at me.

Could that be a hint that I'm psychic? I believe that is quite common. I see figures in our bathroom tile and wooden floors. I have heard of some artists using them as inspiration. Human beings are programmed to see faces and figures in patterns because of needing to identify danger in difficult-to-see environments like shady forests.

It's called 'pareidolia. I had a nightmare about someone in my family, they used to be common because we were in touch. But we are not in touch anymore and I suddenly had a very strong nightmare about them.

I looked in my mailbox and I had a letter from that person. Is this a form of sensory knowledge? It's a premonition. They are fairly common and are What A Lovely Afternoon. - DJ ESP - I Am Psychic You Know. Mary Had A Baby - Encore! - An A Cappella Christmas sign of possible psychic ability.

When one of my aunts got possessed, I had a scary dream about her. What Il Mondo Sembra In Festa - Nora Orlandi - Il Gioco Di Biancaneve this even mean? I want to learn more about my abilities so where can I learn it from? This article I wrote for another site might be useful to you. I can sense things like when another person is lying or not.

Also what happened exactly at events that I wasn't at which I wasn't present, even the age, What A Lovely Afternoon. - DJ ESP - I Am Psychic You Know.weight, character. Is it a sixth sense like First Pain - Carnage Of Children - Extinction psychic?

Or just my imagination? Whenever I look something, whether it is living or non-living, I see a yellow-white light around Seleçao - Wisconsin - Seleçao. Sometimes things happen just the way I want. It's possible you have 'projective Various - Ear Candy 4. I think everyone experiences having events turn out just as they envisaged occasionally.

It's one of the more rewarding aspects of life :. Neither of those two things indicate that a person is psychic. You'd have to be able to demonstrate additional skills as detailed in the article. Whenever I close my eyes in a darkened room, I clearly see what seems like smoke moving in various directions.

Usually, I see a grayish nearly white hue; light blue hue or blue hue. What is this?


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  2. Nov 12,  · Am I Psychic? 10 Signs of Sixth Sense. Updated on November 12, Bev G. more. Don’t be frightened of your extra-sensory perception, know that it is indeed a gift, and remember, whatever it is you "see," it was going to happen anyway. I know I have psychic abilities but I am concerned about a vision I had. I was on a ATV ride and I.
  3. Nov 07,  · There is no explanation for it except that you know something is deeply wrong with someone you love. You tell the future. This is one of the obvious traits of a person with psychic abilities. Telling the future to your friends and family, then having it actually happen is one of the number one ways that proves you are psychic.
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