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Label: Wreckin Bones Records - WBR 002 • Format: CD Album, Limited Edition • Country: Spain • Genre: Rock • Style: Psychobilly
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Twisted Fate rummaged messily through his kitchen, looking for one of the health elixirs that he'd stolen from Summoner's Rift, as Graves wailed and grunted loudly from the other room. From what Fate had seen from the quick glimpse at the bar, the bullet had gone through his shoulder, missing bones and vital spots but leaving a small, bleeding hole.

Twisted Fate was thankful for his quick thinking — if he'd hesitated for just a moment, both of them would have been sprayed, no doubt — but now it seemed that he didn't think quick enough.

He did, after all, now have an arch-enemy in his home, one who was like an angry bull. Only this bull had a giant gun capable of decimating dust - Teslatea - its ok. His hands groped blindly around the cupboards. He distantly thought of how much trouble he'd be in if anyone found out that he'd stolen the elixir, but then again, only fools were plagued about those types of things.

If he acted with trouble on his mind, then trouble was all he was going to get. He clumsily knocked some saltshakers and spices around, but found no familiar red bottle anywhere. He groped in the fridge to no avail. He finally found the potion behind some cans of green beans, a little warm but still good enough. Behind him in his living room, Graves released another onslaught of colorful swears before groaning and falling silent. Fate rushed from the kitchen to the living room, where Graves was making a lot of noise on the couch.

Leaning over his former partner, he investigated the wound, finding the small but bloody gash on this right shoulder. He made moves to pour the elixir on the wound. They may have gotten my shoulder but I still got my shootin hand ready. You'd be dead in a second. Fate laughed and tipped his hat down.

He unscrewed the cap Ouvertüre Zu H. J. V. Collins Trauerspiel Coriolan Op.

62 - Ludwig van Beethoven, Gundula Janowitz poured the crimson liquid onto the wound, watching as the blood flow dwindled and skin slowly mended its way across the hole. Graves hissed but otherwise made no moves to interfere; instead, he stared Twisted Fate dead Kill-19 - Neurotic Machinery - Opsialgia the eye, a look of pure hatred lining his face. I did just save your life after all.

Graves glared. I've been after you tail for a while now, maybe you've gotten tired of runnin. Then again, I reckon you ain't never get tired of runnin. Six years in hell and it's all because of you. All you ever cared about was your own hide—". Twisted Fate sighed heavily and sat down across his former friend, trying to find any remnants of the man he knew.

But that was like trying to find a face in a broken mirror — years of hatred had shaped him into something else, someone else. He knew it was no hope trying to talk to him now, not when he was so set on this vendetta against him. Graves's skull was thicker than most, and his hardheadness could make even the most patient monks in Ionia lose it.

When he believed something, it would take heaven and hell to show him right. But that didn't change the fact that now he had a potential enemy in his house, one that most definitely wanted him dead. He decided to focus on the now rather than go back to the past. That would be later. Always lettin things happen, never tryin to think ahead a little. I reckon some things never change. You can't run away from judgment, Fate, and you know it. Graves's glare deepened.

People ain't nothin but liabilities and pawns to you. I shoulda known all along that I was no different. Twisted Fate's patience broke finally. He glowered at Graves, eyes narrow.

All these years, and your desire of what you want hasn't become apparent, not ever. What—" he sighed, pushing his hat up. When you finally kill me, what comes next? You gonna leave everythin be, maybe ditch that blowstick of yours? Settle down and find yourself a pretty wife? Or maybe you'll find a new partner, make a new name for yourself and let this whole thing happen again and again, till you die.

You tell me, Malcolm, what are you plannin after this? Just what are you going to do? Twisted Fate opened his mouth, ready to give a biting retort, but abruptly closed it.

His eyes swiveled to the main door of the hotel suite, his expression suddenly going from angry and frustrated to serious. Graves, seeming to hear the same thing, rooted his eyes to the same spot.

Twisted Fate narrowed his eyes, baffled by the change of enviroment. But he answered the question anyway. I press a button and they lock. I put a code in and they unlock. You plannin to ambush me in my sleep? That normal—? He strode to the door and tried the knob. Indeed, it was locked. A loud whizzing sound came from nowhere, followed by the shock of breaking glass. Both men jumped as Twisted Fate looked towards his large sliding doors, watched a small, black, puck-shaped object broke through the window, beeping in steady, high pitched squeaks.

It rolled lazily, only to stop underneath the oak dining table near the kitchen where Fate had been just moments before. If he squinted, he could see the small red lights blinking on and off.

The cogs in Fate's head started spinning as he realized what was happening, but by then it was too late. He had Rookoobay - The Duke Of Iron - Jungle Calypso Volume I managed to utter a cry of warning to Graves before the The Change - Deepsix vs. Twisted In Graves - Deepsix vs. Twisted In Graves suite was engulfed in flames.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games League of Legends. Graves and Twisted Fate, former friends, have been enemies for years, with one on the run and the other on the hunt.

But when they clash and suddenly have to work together to defeat a common foe, tensions run high. Nothin more. You put your hands on me and I'll—" "Kill me. I got you. Just The Change - Deepsix vs. Twisted In Graves - Deepsix vs. Twisted In Graves still for a second. All you ever cared about was your own hide—" Twisted Fate sighed heavily and sat down across his former friend, trying to find any remnants of the man he knew.

And looked who got away without a scratch. I did get a tear in my coat. Gambling with the Enemy 2. Eyes on the Prize 3. A Little Gift 4. The The Change - Deepsix vs. Twisted In Graves - Deepsix vs. Twisted In Graves would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.


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  1. Oct 18,  · About Graves' interaction with Twisted Fate. He should just be able to 1 hit Twisted Fate so that people don't play TF and go 0/10 on my team anymore.
  2. Are you interested in talking about the creative side of League, be it story or art? Here you can discuss all the varied elements that flesh out League's background, or speculate about .
  3. TRACKLIST: Deepsix: Werewolf - Silence is cold-Drill-Melancholic-No pain-Bite-Departure Twisted in Graves: Jack-On the run-Buried Alive-I wish my girlfriend was a zombie-The change-Todd-Things on my mind.
  4. Deepsix vs. Twisted In Graves. A two-headed Psychobilly monster which couples two current bands, one from USA and one from Europe. Both bands play hard, fast and aggressive Psycho.
  5. Soft Hearts and Electric Souls by EternityCode. Finally, the long and awkward moment passes, with Malcolm Graves forgetting that he's staring at Twisted Fate, and Twisted Fate no longer realizing his concentration has broken, and the miniature cannon in front of him is very much real, physical and not something he can simply wipe .
  6. Follow/Fav Dance with Destiny - A Graves vs Twisted Fate Tale By: Imaginational Addict Graves and Twisted Fate, former friends, have been enemies for years, with one on .
  7. Hardset Original ® je česká značka, kterou jsme přivedli na svět v roce Naší doménou je výroba a prodej oblečení, doplňků a vybavení pro bojové sporty.
  8. Oct 11,  · Some revelation about Twisted Fate's past has arrived! I've been waiting for this for as long as I can remember! I finally get to know some more history about my absolute favorite, The Card Master. So we all know that Mr. Graves apparently wants to kill Twisted Fate, or so it seems, we can never be sure until we read the judgement or the story.
  9. Deepsix ; 1. Werewolf 2. Silence Is Cold 3. Drill 4. Melancholic 5. No Pain 6. Bite 7. Departure. Twisted In Graves ; 1. Jack 2. On The Run 3. Buried Alive 4. I Wish My Girlfriend Was A Zombie 5. The Change 6. Todd 7. Things On My Mind.

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